American Dream Business Law Attorneys-Business Kit- How to start a business

AMerican Dream Attorneys Business Law Attorneys assist with starting a business and brand protection

How do I start a business? How much does it cost?

I need an attorney to start my business! An American Dream Attorney will look at domains and brands.

A business idea is a precious thing that must be nurtured and protected. It is your baby. Your business needs a unique name and identity. Your business needs to develop a brand and market awareness. Your American Dream Attorney can assist with this in order for your business to differentiate itself in the market place. 

It is important to be aware that different laws may dictate or prescribe certain rules and regulations or laws for the business to follow. If your business sells goods then many states will have a version of the Uniform Commercial Code that controls the sale of goods at the Federal Level. Common law  or case law determines a lot of the rights and responsibilities when contacting with customers or clients. A trademark differentiates your goods in the marketplace and provides protection from trademark infringement.

It is important to get intellectual property protection  and with the help of Customs and Border Protection you can inhibit the importation of counterfeit goods.

United States Patent and Trademark Office grants intellectual property rights that may be used to protect your brand domestically in the United States.

You register your company in a state and pay taxes to the state and federal government unless you organize your business in a certain manner. This type of taxation on the state and federal level is referred to as double-taxation.

It is important to try and reduce your tax burden in order to maximize profitability. There may be local funds available depending on the business that is desired to started and the location of the business.

Foreign Investors can also start a business in the United States under the investor or treaty visas. A very popular investor's visa is the EB5 visa. The EB5 visa results in legal permanent residency for the investor if certain conditions after met they may then pursue citizenship by removing conditions on their legal permanent residency; also known as a green card.

Description of business package services coming soon. $1,020 for analysis of what the state requires for business entity registration regarding the following considerations for an initial business formation.


Occupational License?


Casualty Insurance?


Domain search?

Trademark search?Service Mark?


State protection?

Federal Protection?

International Protection? how to start a business starting a business

How do I start a business? How do I protect my personal assets from lawsuits when I run my business?

Our United States' Constitution is  grants Americans the fundamental right to engage in commerce and accumulate private property. We wake up everyday for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness our ancestors fought and died for.The American Dream is  thought of by many as freedom to engage in free business enterprise. Our constitution is very pro commerce and includes a commerce clause that grants Congress the power to regulate commerce. Many states and even local municipalities also regulate commercial activities and charge taxes or require permits. Contact a business law attorney at American Dream Attorneys in order to start your business and embrace the American Dream of entrepeneurship.

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